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The Colonel Handyman
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I stand by my work and pledge to you to operate in an ethical manner. 


Therefore, my guarantee is:
- If I am not working hard enough or with enough skill, just tell me within the first hour and I will discontinue working and leave, and you pay for only the materials I have used or cannot return.

- If you are not satisfied with the quality of my work, I promise to return and fix it promptly. 

Mark C. Gardner

Colonel (Retired), U.S. Army


a.k.a. Colonel Handyman

Colonel Handyman's Mission
  1. To do what we love and do our best each day

  2. Treat people with respect and expect the same

  3. Conduct business with honesty and integrity

  4. Work hard and perform quality work or the client does not pay for our labor

  5. Make a good profit but do not price gouge

  6. Try our best to be on time

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